Month: May 2018

3 Mistakes I Could Have Avoided In April 2018

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Clearly, I wasn’t thinking….

I feel like I say this a lot lately. I own it – not easily – but I do. So, while it’s been a LONG time since I wrote, let me share 3 mistakes I made this month, that I don’t normally share.

The objective here is only to help you prevent yourself from making them.

And away we go >>>>>>

1. I didn’t share where I was struggling.

This past weekend, I was talking to my accountability team from a course I joined called M1. It’s run by a guy that used to work with Tony Robbins.

It’s been a great investment, and really helped me grow as an individiual and entrepreneur.

So for WEEKS, I’ve been not drinking enough water. I’m active, and I work really hard. So I can’t afford this mistake. But I just kept on going.

I said, I’ll fix it when….

I’ll address it when….

Or I made excuses.

Then I realized I needed some help. Not like, clinical help. Just some support. Some backup.

I told the crew, and now 4 of us are on a thirst challenge. 20 oz when you wake up, and 10 oz each hour.

Challenge – I’m in. They knew how to motivate me, help me, and they got behind me right away.

Why didn’t I do this earlier.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re struggling with something, tell people. Ask for help. This is always my achilles. I’m working on it. 

2. I didn’t admit that  I was scared

I have big aspirations. I’m sure you do too.

IN order to be the person I envision, I need to share the journey. To give more to the community, to talk to more people and find ways to help them. To speak to others on topics like this one.

So I have to be unafraid to get out in front of them.

I have to speak. I have to engage. I have to try.

If I’m really going to be what I say I am, it’s time that I get brave.

Now, I’m not perfect but I’m certainly not a coward – I know that much about myself. I felt that I was unable to give to people, or provide value, because I wasn’t “there” yet. That’s just a bullshit excuse – as I have a lot to give and as I grow, my responsibilty is to pass what I learn back down.

But, until I really fessed up with my fear, I was paralyzed.

Whatever you’re afraid of, it’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to let that paralyze you.

I bought a go pro, and you’ll see a lot more writing and content from me. That’s something I’m committed to. Who else can this message itself help? You, a friend? Share it on!

Bottom Line: Fess up if you’re afraid. It’s the first step. [Here’s a great book to help you here too]

3. My habit wasn’t serving my future

I grew up a comic book kid. Big time nerd here.

A few months ago I downloaded a game called Contest of Champions.

Aside from the countless dollars I’ve wasted on the randomized (supposedly) gems and shit that gives me more heroes to play with, I spent hours.  Even if it was only a minute a day, that’s a lot of time in a month. That’s enough time to write to you and help you along your way.

Instead, I opened the app. And I got rewarded. If you login daily, you get stuff free.

They had me hooked.

It wasn’t until just yesterday that I realized that the future version of me doesn’t do this. And so I had to let it go. I even hesitated, and argued with myself as I uninstalled it.

Stupid Past-Aaron. Shut up. You’re headed up, stop looking down.

Now, I can use that extra 10 minutes a day to help you, be productive, or at worst/best – completely disconect.

Bottom Line: If your future is being held back by a current habit, do what you gotta do to SNAP out of it and get real with yourself. 


Learn from my mistakes, so you don’t make them! Here comes May!