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Do you like to travel and see the world?

Do you want to develop a near-perfect credit score?

Do you have good money management skills?

Do you have a decent living, but one that doesn’t afford you travel nearly enough?

Do you have good to great credit already?

Most importantly: Do you want to travel for free? Domestic, abroad, doesn’t matter. 

In 2017, I didn’t earn enough money to pay for luxury travel – heck, not even regular, frequent travel.

But I did, anyway.

In 2017, I hit 17 cities, 3 continents, and stayed in hotels for 14 nights. Know what it cost me?


That’s right. Zero.

Okay I lied. I had to pay the $11 stupid tax fee per flight. Still. That’s essentially zero!

How? Well I’ll show you!!! But it basically works like this:

  • -Find a credit card with a travel bonus.
  • -Use select services (I’ll go over which are trustworthy) to move expenses to that card – including rent and other bills that won’t accept a card
  • -Track your start date, reward date, spending and other data points (I’ll even give you the exact spreadsheet to do this easily)
  • -Collect your reward
  • -Book your travel using a few tips and hacks to save you points
  • -Boom – FREE travel!

But, I have a system in place – one I’ve used for 18 months now to travel all the time. Literally.

Travel that I did over the last 18 months would have cost me $5, 431 dollars. That’s a great lifestyle change!

So why not come learn about it. It doesn’t take much work, but it’s incredibly worthwhile.

Better yet, come join others as we go through this together – step. by. step.

No tricks. No gimmicks, just “here’s what I did that you can do right now.”

Sign up below for information on a course I’m launching this year – to help others travel like I did!

During the class, I’ll review the scripts, tactics, step-by-step instructions, and exact links needed to go for one trip this year, and if you want to know how to get as many as I did, I’ll show you all the tricks you need to make sure you can travel like a king or queen.

Sign up below if you want more information about course launch, tickets, and resources!