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Do you like to travel and see the world?

Do you want to develop a near-perfect credit score?

Do you have good money management skills?

Do you have a decent living, but one that doesn’t afford you travel nearly enough?

Do you have good to great credit already?

Most importantly: Do you want to travel for free? Domestic, abroad, doesn’t matter. 

In 2017, I didn’t earn enough money to pay for luxury travel – heck, not even regular, frequent travel.

But I did, anyway.

In 2017, I hit 17 cities, 3 continents, and stayed in hotels for 14 nights. Know what it cost me?


That’s right. Zero.

Okay I lied. I had to pay the $11 stupid tax fee per flight. Still. That’s essentially zero!

How? Well I’ll show you!!! But it basically works like this:

  • -Find a credit card with a travel bonus.
  • -Use select services (I’ll go over which are trustworthy) to move expenses to that card – including rent and other bills that won’t accept a card
  • -Track your start date, reward date, spending and other data points (I’ll even give you the exact spreadsheet to do this easily)
  • -Collect your reward
  • -Book your travel using a few tips and hacks to save you points
  • -Boom – FREE travel!

But, I have a system in place – one I’ve used for 18 months now to travel all the time. Literally.

Travel that I did over the last 18 months would have cost me $5, 431 dollars. That’s a great lifestyle change!

So why not come learn about it. It doesn’t take much work, but it’s incredibly worthwhile.

Better yet, come join others as we go through this together – step. by. step.

No tricks. No gimmicks, just “here’s what I did that you can do right now.”

Sign up below for information on a course I’m launching this year – to help others travel like I did!

During the class, I’ll review the scripts, tactics, step-by-step instructions, and exact links needed to go for one trip this year, and if you want to know how to get as many as I did, I’ll show you all the tricks you need to make sure you can travel like a king or queen.


We’ll also be joined by professional travel hacker Zephan Blaxberg, who has been hacking for 3 years – amassing over a half million sky miles points! He’s written an amazing book called Flight Plan: A Travel Hacker’s Guide to Free World Travel and Getting Paid on the Road,  that you’ll receive just for attending. In person guests recieve the physical copy, virtual course attendees get a digital copy.*

But, there are some rules. DO NOT sign up for this course if you:

  • Have a low credit score and are having a hard time managing it (instead, reach out so I can connect you to some resources to get you moving in the right direction)
  • Have credit card debt – this system does not work if you’re already in the hole. 
  • Don’t like to travel for free

But don’t believe me. Check out the course page for insights and takeaways from people that have taken the course and are already flying for FREE!