You Work & People Assume: Games of Business

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It’s the natural course of things I suppose, but people are always assuming something very different from what actually happens in my life. I’m going to assume you’re in the same position, and if not, then perhaps you could benefit from this excerpt today.

A few weeks ago I wrote for about an hour to pitch a course to teach. The next day I refined it, and submitted it to a local startup incubator.

I met with the community manager, who liked what I had to offer, and we created a timeline for the full proposal – which meant I needed to create the course.

I spent four hours designing each class (12 hours total), 3 hours reviewing, 6 hours with a consultant, and then submitted it before I got a resounding, “Yes, let’s do this!”

So THEN I posted on facebook, twitter, and blasted to friends. After almost 24 hours, it was out for the world to see. I emailed my network, and then some interesting responses came in from peers.

“How come you get to teach a course there?”

“What makes you qualified to teach??”

….and my personal favorite….and I quote….

“Fuck you Aaron. How come YOU always get these chances??”

See, there’s a game being played, and those that can’t play, don’t win.

On the outside, i “got” the chance to teach, as though Betamore called me, asked me to teach, threw me $10,000 and I agreed. Not true. It’s not because some angel sprinkled dust on me, it’s because I went after it, and worked for it.

In fact, there are so many of  us, “old me” included, that don’t even PLAY the game because we don’t know what it actually looks like.

That’s what Side-Streaming is – it’s playing the game, and playing it better than others. Where you get the big gigs, the higher rates, and the better clients. It’s not luck, like the outside world sees, it’s tactical, smart, and strategic.

I bet you’ve got something that already looks like this scenario, where from the outside, you made it look easy, or gifted, but really, you worked your ass off for it. I’d love to know.
What’s something that you’ve done recently that on the outside mitght look easy, but truthfully you worked really hard for? I’d love to know your story!!!


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