How Great Ideas REALLY manifest…..

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I want to tell you a story about the things that businesses don’t tell you:

It’s not Genius that creates ideas.

So my blog, these articles, they are all about finding other ways to make money. Enjoyable ways. Liberating ways.

As an example, Really exciting news: This week, my business Ortus Academy, launches it’s third product.

We take kids through our game, NumisMatters, then through 10 lessons about money, including things like Earning, Saving, Value, Investments, Stocks, and Money Attitude.

It’s a ton of fun honestly, and it’s one way that I’ll make money this year. One of many, but they are all the same in the way they start……

I’m going to walk you through my process.




Behind the scenes of any big launch, or idea, or product are four key things, we’re going to talk about them.

First let me tell you how Money Club happened.

I got a call from a school, who liked what we had. I sat with the director, and we went over things that we already did, and what he wanted.

I said ten words, “Thanks for having me out. How can we help you?”

I didn’t say anything else for 20 minutes. I took notes. I thanked him. I left.

He essentially told me all of his needs, wants and fears, and then I had enough to go off.

Back at HQ, (fancy letters meaning our local coffee shop) we discussed whether it was feasible to make him happy. We called two other schools, got some feedback on the idea. Called teacher friends. Called parents, I still call my mom about these things, shut up.

And then we went balls-to-the-wall crazy into creating it.

So here’s my process.

This is how Convert Your Skills, a 1-on-1 course I offer that teaches individuals how to upstart income streams with a zero starting point, started.

This is how Ortus Academy started.

This is how I arrived at Pipeline Soccer Club to coach.

It’s all the same:

1. Be open
If you aren’t open to new things, how could you possibly build a business. A friend of mine is the most closed-minded person I know. He and I balance well, but he can’t run a business because everything is impossible. When you talk like that…it is impossible.

At one point, flight was impossible. So was going to Mars.

2. Listen
When someone talks, ACTUALLY listen. I know this is brave advice. It’s also the best way to get laid. Don’t blabber on, ask more questions and then shut up. Shocking how easily you can find hidden gems in business opportunities if you’re paying attention.

Heard everyone you know say that it’s time for someone to invent a better way to hold your keys, because they are annoyed by the jingling and searching…..well, maybe you have a business

3. Listen more
Think you’ve done enough listening… it more. Ask better questions. Ask more questions. Do research. Research and reading count as listening.

4. Try it like you mean it
We live in a world where it’s cool not to give a f*(*k. It’s embarrassing. So when you hear the things people want, and you do your research, and STILL it seems doable, that’s when you ditch all the inner “No, I can’t” and “I’m not sure” and get to work.

There’s a really awesome Branson Meme that’s fitting here. If you know him, great. If not, you should.







Maybe you have a different process? I’m curious what yours is! If not, steal mine!!!


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