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“Easily Frustrated.”

“Inconsistent performances, but does really well at times.”

“Struggles to keep his/her head in the game”

“Quick to get angry”

“Puts so much pressure on himself/herself”

“Expects everything to be perfect, and gets upset when it’s not”

Are these things that you would say describe your young athlete? Are you having a hard time being supportive of your athlete that wants to get better, and puts in the time, but is showing signs like inconsistency, frustration, anger, temptations to quit, hopelessness, and emotional outbursts?

They might love the game, but there are some real challenges that lie ahead for all athletes. Challenges that are more mental than physical. 

The elite athlete game is mental. Everyone at the top level is fast, strong, and agile. What makes the difference between who makes the cut and who doesn’t?

This is generally how it goes, and how it did for me:

Train harder. No result

Work more hours. No result.

Put in more sweat. Slim results.

But to be the champ you need to grow faster, and it’s just not coming on it’s own, no matter what you do.

For the longest time, I thought PHYSICAL was the way to make success in sport happen. But with time, wisdom, and a lot of tough lessons, I’ve learned that everything physical starts in the mind.

If you or your kid have felt the pain of the above, where you’re going through training after training after training and hour after hour without seeing massive results, I can help.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we see the goal, when we KNOW where we want to go

It’s amazing what happens when we set a goal, build a pathway, and start.

But what’s most amazing, is when we set a goal, see it, build the pathway, and have someone hold us accountable, support us, and give us the nudge when we don’t think we can make it.

I can attest to it.

My life changed rapidly because of this system.

But how would a kid ever learn that? No one’s teaching it.

I’m going to change that.

I’ve trained athletes one-on-one physically for years, and amassed a total of 700+ hours. But lately, I’ve realized that some serious athletes need more than just physical training. They need a mental training platform to take them to the next level.

Lately my works have taken me into new fields of both research and implementation. As I elevate my mind, I’m often shocked at how much my performance changes – physically, financially, and more.

As I continue to work with young athletes, I notice that my limits are reached quickly because of an impedance with their frameworks at home (not enough time, too busy, or our schedules don’t line up), so I’ve created packages to assuage the challenge and build new systems of growth for them.

Think of these as an “at-home” personal trainer – dedicated to building the mental framework, goal-setting, and reward/punishment systems to create successful young athletes.

 The Mental Mastery Package For Serious Mental and Physical Regiments includes:


– Preliminary meeting to start off the process and investment (virtual or in person)

– Calls (phone or facetime) that will be used to review performance, set new goals, and implement reward/punishment systems. These calls can be done based on both of our schedules, morning or evening, and are intended to be a supplement to the initial meeting and the athletes individual work outside of training sessions

– Weekly drills, tailored to your athlete that will help them achieve their specific goals. These will be emailed to them in a way that makes them easy to replicate, so not with words, but with video or voice

– Personalized performance plans, that accompany their goals and allow me to monitor progress and provide feedback to you as parents. This will be our way to measure and develop changes in the program itself.

The course contains the following for your athlete’s mastery each month:

– 8 fifteen minute phone/video calls per month

– Personalized Goal Creation and Follow Up

– 1 Physical Meeting per Month for Goal-Setting or Check-ins (if location permits)

– Archetype of Calls and Work at home, such as Mindfulness, Attitude, Meditation, Self-Love & more!

– Videos and other Media Sent Directly to Your Email (Congruent with Archetype and Goals)

– Nutrition Article and Information Monthly (not nutrition plan)

– Monthly Book Mailed directly to Young Athlete

Here’s what parents have said about the course:

“Thank you again for all of you help!!  I have definitely noticed a difference in his attitude and mindset.”

“[He’s] had very positive things to say about his calls with you.  He has also been very motivated when it comes to doing his exercises/conditioning and I never have to remind him to do them.”

“She looks forward to continuing to work with you!”

“I have definitely noticed a difference in [his] attitude and mindset.”


There’s a no-risk guarantee when you work with me. If we go through a month where you don’t feel you’re getting value and seeing change in your young athlete, simply email me, tell me why you’re unhappy, and I’ll fully refund you for the month and terminate the subscription. I won’t say, “no questions asked,” because I’d like to ask some, but certainly without bias I will happily refund you! That’s how much I believe in what I’m doing and what students get on the other side.


For more details, read the full guide on the Mental Mastery Course by clicking below.