PSC Fitness at Home

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Hey Pipeline!


I’m super bummed about this weather. Today’s been hot, sunny, windy, rainy, and then everywhere in between. If you’re stuck at home, and still want to get fit, here’s three exercises you can do right now, without any equipment at all!

Get started right away!


Swimmer’s Planks 

Hold your body flat in a plank on your hands, with your arms extended. Spread your feet shoulder width apart. This is a normal, full extension plank. In one motion, take your straightened right arm and move it backwards towards your legs  and then rotate it in a full circle back to the starting position. Next take the other arm and rotate around. Repeat back and forth for 1 minute sets, or for as long as you can.










The trick? Keep your shoulders and back still. Don’t rotate the hips and stay as flat as you can!


Step Ups

Find a flat surface that’s about as tall as your knees. Place one foot on the upper surface, so that your knee is bent. Press off of your foot and press your opposite knee to the sky. Lower the foot back to the floor and land on the toe. Repeat for 20 reps on each side. Do not alternate beforehand. If 20 isn’t enough, go for more, or put some weights in your arms!





Front Lunges

Simple and effective, the front lunge is a step forward and bend. Look to get your legs at 90 degrees each (square). Make sure you step far enough that your front knee (stepping leg) does not go past your toes. If it does, step further! As you step, lower the back knee almost to the floor, but don’t let it touch. Press off and return to the starting position!


Alternate each leg, and get a minimum of 20 per leg before you rest!!









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