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In most sports, side-to-side quickness is a tool that’s underrated and underappreciated. Everyone’s so concerned with 40-yard times, and how high you can jump. It’s not often you do either of those. My training regiment, for me personally, rarely involves those linear movements. 

This fall , I’m proud to offer Stay in Motion – a Match-Play Training Program designed to heighten your side-to-side, your reaction time, and your overall quickness of motion. This fall we will also be including some technical work. Read below for more on that!

Stay in Motion targets your direct game motions. It’s not flashy, but it is unconventional. So am I.


Most players can capitalize on their genetics and their athleticism for a while, but how long before a more deft, more linear player can beat them off the ball. Stay in Motion is a program that’s intended to help players adapt to a side-to-side, non-linear athletic performance.



It wasn’t until college, where I put on major weight, that my body fully appreciated what it was capable of. It wasn’t just soccer that showed me love, but climbing, basketball, football, and volleyball. Each of those are played so different, but my ability to be fast and be nimble gave me an upper hand. 

When I figured it out, I was faster, stronger, and more intentional with my movements.

Join me for Stay in Motion, a Match-Play Training Program. In this strange-but-effective program, we build quickness in our feet, our mind and our core. 

Keep reading for more.

Now, I’m 6’2″ and weigh 185lbs. I feel good, even at age 28. Want to know my secret?


A body in motion tends to stay in motion; so I stay in motion.

This fall, we have another star that likes to stay in motion. Keep reading.

Right now, I’m the fitness director for the largest soccer club in Baltimore, Maryland, with Pipeline Soccer Club. I like to think players attend my sessions (known to get up to 60+ players) because I love what I do – and I try my best to bring that enthusiastic coaching style combined with high-intensity plyometric training regiments. I intend to make it both fun and challenging for every level of athlete.


Sessions cover topics like:

  • Technique while in motion 
  • Explosive motions after ball possession
  • Strength and Speed Training technique
  • Speed enhancement
  • Core strength and stamina
  • First touch
  • Skill moves
  • Body use in games
  • and much more!


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Alex Bullington scheduled to guest coach for technical training at Fall Stay in Motion! 




During the fall session, Alex Bullington, Loyola Greyhound standout and recent Adult League Champion with the Christos Football team, will be spearheading the sessions with me. It’s a real treat to have someone of his caliber join us in getting faster and more technical. He brings a superior knowledge of technical training, and combined with fitness work, this Stay in Motion session will be extraordinary!


Alex will be leading the technical training portion of the Stay in Motion series. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and will do an unbelievable job with any youth players that train with him. I can’t wait to see the impact he makes. As a former Pipeline coach, an entrepreneur, and a successful player, Alex knows all about getting results.


The Fall Stay in Motion Match-Day Program is being held on multiple dates and in two versions, intermediate and advanced. 



Intermediate (Tues/Thurs, Dulaney High, 6-7pm)                                                                                      June 22

Advanced (Tues/Thurs, Dulaney High 7-8pm)                                                                                     July 27 & 29

July 4 & 6

July 11 & 13

7 sessions, $182 or $35 each

 Each session is structured so that players CAN participate in both intermediate and advanced in one evening.


    Intermediate (Saturdays, Dulaney High, 8-9am)                                                                                         June 24

Advanced (Saturdays, Dulaney High, 9-10am                                                                                                 July 8

July 15

July 22

 4 sessions, $120 or $35 each

Each session is structured so that players CAN participate in both intermediate and advanced in one evening.



 Each is held @ Dulaney High School Tennis Courts

Ages 10-16

Flats and Cleats Are Required