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Personality, Confidence, and Systems

I have been working with a few clients taking them through a course I created called Mental Mastery. The emphasis is on mental training that will change physical elements – like athletic performance, success, networking and work ethic most commonly. It also augments any business aptitude, too. So, the conversation with one of my clients, […]

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PSC Fitness at Home

Hey Pipeline!   I’m super bummed about this weather. Today’s been hot, sunny, windy, rainy, and then everywhere in between. If you’re stuck at home, and still want to get fit, here’s three exercises you can do right now, without any equipment at all! Get started right away!   Swimmer’s Planks  Hold your body flat […]

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The End & Start of a Chapter

In life, we are given the opportunity to make decisions. Some run from them, some run towards them. Take a moment of reflection, and you may find running towards your goals is a steadily increasing challenge. It’s lonely, it’s difficult, it’s tiring, and it’s full of things like heartbreak, pains, and fears. It’s meant to […]

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