Credit Course

What If Understanding Credit Could Unlock the World?

Schools won't teach you about credit...

I didn’t learn what the real world was like in school. What about jobs? Money? Credit? How to level up? None of that was covered. What I got was calculus and chemistry notes scattered across a notebook full of art and drawings. So real life taught me a lot. Credit, it turns out, is HUGELY important. And learning it changed everything for me.

I partnered with a friend and fellow travel hacker Zephan Blaxberg to build the best possible course so you can learn how use credit to travel without paying for flights.

We’ve been travel hacking our way around the world for the past four years. Most of the time our tickets are either free or extremely cheap (we’re talking like 12 bucks cheap). We’ve been doing this all while improving our credit scores, meeting really cool people on the way and having the time of our lives on the road.

Ready to join us?

So what the heck is travel hacking?

When I first quit my job, I didn’t have any money, so this was what I used to get around, now that I had the freedom I had always dreamed of. Learning how to do this wasn’t hard, but I made mistakes, then I started teaching it to otthers, and have done so for over 600 people. 

Travel hacking is a system where we use our spending (expenses like food, gas, groceries, car payments and more) to  leverage for free flights. 

We use the credit card system to maximize or returns on our spending. Way more than just getting points when you buy gas, most travel hackers earn hundreds of dollars in free flights from a very simple, normal amount of spending.

It’s not about having a big income or lots of spending either. You can do this on a pretty minimal budget, but it helps you take the budget and actually go travel. 


There are 3 Course Components:

Understanding Credit

The Travel Hacking foundation comes from understanding and using credit to your advantage. We’ll help you with both!

Bonuses and Fees

The two things we help you with are equally as important – earning bonuses and avoiding paying any kind of fees.

Start Here!

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, our lineup of cards, links, resources and more will get you going without much effort.

And Here's Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This is for serious learners only. You need to invest in your education. 

School will not teach you about credit and money. They won’t give you the tools to use a system like this.  

But if you’re here, you’re already a step in the right direction.

So we’ll make a bet on you.

If you take the course, invest in yourself, and don’t see 2x the cost of the course in value, provided you’ve followed the system, we will reimburse the cost of the course in full.

We believe in this, and we believe this will change your life.

So we’ll GUARANTEE that this will work for you. 100%.

Believe Our Students. Not Us.