Obama’s Stupid Speech on Student Loans

This is horse-shit…..I said out loud to my buddy.

If you didn’t know already, yesterday Obama signed a new student loan bill that people are off chattering about. Some are excited. Some are questioning. Frankly, I’m losing my shit over it…..

So, there’s a lot that was said, and even more that wasn’t.

Here comes the President (mind you I don’t care what you feel about him, this is about the message) and he says shit like this:









So, avoid the part of the discussion where we talk about where this problem starts (the cost of education experiencing an unparalleled amount of inflation without the same increases in spending), but the message behind the message is:

“Oh, shit. We have been kind of shady about this, and now we’re not going to be. We’re going to do something about it. Look, we made a speech!”

Why do businesses need to change their policy on communicating what you owe, what you’re options are for repayment, and whether you’re behind??

Most of the initiative focuses on repayment and getting people back on track. They also want to create a website where people can complain (I feel sorry for the webmaster in that role!!)

Completely reactive.

No conversation on how to get done early, what paying off early can REALLY save you, or how loans can be attacked and destroyed like any other liability.

Look, Side-Streaming is about setting up a second income and getting out of debt, and this type of thing is EXACTLY why I got into this business.

Solutions to problems, like debt, aren’t just about “I’m stuck, can I extend my loan term?” That’s counterproductive.

Here we work on developing a better way out, a way to save in the long-term, cut the debt early, and move forward with something you love, rather than the approach that most people take – climb the hill, watch tv, let the debt rule you.

What if you do what you love on the side, and you put to your loan, saving you 1,000s and years at the same time?

Why aren’t we discussing attacking loans, rather than fearing them like they are the Persian Army??

300 that shit and kill ’em with no mercy.

Here’s what just $20 an hour can do for your student loan. Yes, this was written by me.

We’ve got case-studies rolling in. Be one of them. Attack that stupid loan, start a second income, and say FU to the man that says businesses should be required to work with you on repayment.

Defense isn’t our objective. Offense is, and you’ve got Coach Aaron here to guide you to your Side-Stream. I’ll be your Leonidas. Gear up!


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I’m done ranting about the speech, but you can read more about it here. If you have student-debt, I suggest you do!

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