Can you do what I do?? The answer isn’t yes….it’s Run!

When I was in high school, I had this coach named Ken Griffith.

He was 50+. 6’2”. Fat. He drove a golf cart from the school down to the field.

He was a football coach. Not our kind of football. Not Soccer


I liked him. He made me work. He got the game. Sort of.

He used to yell at us, hill after hill. We’d have killed to see him do just one. JUST ONE.

I never wanted to be like him. Yelling. Standing.


Attached is the result of my latest run. I am willing to bet, you couldn’t keep up.



That’s not because you aren’t capable, but because you don’t know why you can’t.


Do you want to be a professional? Are you willing to train to get there?


The problem with that thinking is that you’ve determined an end point. What happens when you get there?

I want you to forget about the destination, and fall in love with the journey, the work, the sweat.

My playing career is different than I imagined now, but I keep trying to get better; coaching, playing, running. It’s a lifestyle.


If you fall in love with getting better, all the other components will fall into place, and you’ll reach heights you never thought possible.

Most importantly, you can trash talk everyone when at 28.

But that’s not why I do it.

Fitness, skill work, and play isn’t about whether you can or can’t. If you love investing in it, taking the good with the bad, how can you be anything but great???


So I challenge you.

Can you beat me? The answer isn’t yes….it’s why would you want to?

I run because I love seeing how I compare to yesterday. I don’t run to beat someone else.


I run to beat me.
You’d be surprised how fast you run after a few weeks of being better than yesterday.


Tip’s for your run (*or any other pursuit):


  • Run often. No one gets to be the best running “occasionally”
  • If you need a break. Take one. It’s hot out, but don’t stop moving. Just walk for a bit.
  • Prepare the day before, not right before. Hydrate, stretch, etc.
  • Running is mental. If you think you’re tired, you are.
  • Music helps take your mind off the other sounds that come with running.
  • Time it. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. Those words came from a mentor and he’s 100% right.
  • Love the burn. I’m still sore from it, 2 days later. I love it.
  • Download an app to track your stats. I use Strava, or MapMyFitness.



This applies to anything. ANYTHING.


How does this apply to your dream, your job, or your creative pursuit?!?

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